College Students

Jakob Bolman

My name is Jakob and I am a second year student at The Ohio State University studying Psychology with minors in Jewish Studies and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I graduated from Beachwood High School. I can’t wait to build community through personal connections!

Hadass Galili

Hi! My name is Hadass Galili and I’m a freshman at Ohio University. I’m a Hillel intern, an avid volunteer out one of the local canvassing groups, and a Hebrew tutor. Now that I’m home on lockdown, you can usually find me painting or doing embroidery. I’m so excited to work with you and can’t wait to meet you!

Allison Cohen

My name is Allison Cohen, and I am a sophomore at Tufts University studying Psychology and Civic Studies. I graduated from Hawken School and have always been deeply connected to the Jewish community here in Cleveland. I’m excited to continue exploring Judaism while meeting new people in our community!

Alexis Gross

My name is Alexis Gross and I am just finishing my first semester at Binghamton University where I will continue to study music. I graduated from Solon High School in 2018 and spent my freshman year of college in seminary in Israel. I cannot wait to get to know you and work with you!

Maya Duplik

Shalom! My name is Maya Duplik and I am a sophomore at Kent State University. Although I study nursing, my passion is and will always be my nationality, religion and culture: Judaism. I hope to continue studying my passion with you!

Hannah Kornblut

My name is Hannah Kornblut. I’m a sophomore at DePaul University, Chicago majoring in History and double minoring in Arabic and American Politics. I’m originally from Shaker Heights and graduated from Shaker Heights HS. I’m really excited to be working with high school students creating personal, Jewish connections!

Leah Marek

My name is Leah Marek. I am currently a sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Psychology. I grew up in Cleveland and graduated from Shaker Heights High School in 2018. I am excited to engage with the Cleveland Jewish community again and look forward to building new relationships!

Shira Ophir

My name is Shira Ophir and I am a sophomore at Ohio State University. I am majoring in International Studies with a specialization in Globalization and I am minoring in Spanish. I have lived in Cleveland for the majority of my life and graduated from Laurel School. I have spent my life immersed in the Jewish community of Cleveland and I am so excited to get to continue to do so!

Barak Spector

My name is Barak Spector and I was a graduating senior at The Ohio State University studying Biomedical Engineering and Pre Medicine, but it now seems like I’m majoring in Xbox affairs and a minoring in absolutely nothing. I graduated from Beachwood High school and went to Agnon. Cant wait to meet you and connect soon!

Cleveland Shin Shinim

Yuval Avrahami

Hey everyone💕 My name is Yuval and I live in Rehovot. I practiced for the past 12 years in 4 different types of dance and I love it a lot. I also like listening to music and going to the beach. I just left Cleveland but I miss you all so much!! Can’t wait to hear from you and to learn new things together🌸

Ziv Birenzwige

Former Shin Shinit

Avigail Hadar

Hey Clevelanders! I’m Avigail and I’m from Yehud, Israel. I love traveling, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and I love Cleveland!! I miss you all so much and would love to catch up with you and hang out online 💗🌸

Alon Goren

Hey everyone! My name is Alon. I was born and raised in Kibbutz Nahsholim. I love to go to the sea to surf and sail. Just left and already miss Cleveland so much!!! I thought that we can do something more interesting then just me walking Alon(e) around my kibbutz and bored. Come learn new things with me!!

Guy Lichtenstein

Hey everyone! My name is Guy. Tel Aviv born and raised. I love to play the drums and the guitar. Already miss you all alot so I thought maybe instead of just watching Netflix with my cat, we can do something more interesting. Come learn new things with me!

Ori Milman

Hey everyone 👋 My name is Ori, I’ve been deployed a few times with my family around the world but it’s always the best when we move back to Ramat-Gan! I love all types of sports and can’t live without music ! I just left Cleveland and I already miss everyone but I can’t wait to catch up and maybe learn some new things together 😘

Orel Regev

How's it going? It's Orel, your 2016-2017 shinshin. I'm 21 now, still in the IDF... yet CLE is always on my mind. I also started college, but it's SO different than America. Can't wait to tell you more about it, but mostly hear from you! See you soon 😉