The cleveland.shin.shinim are four teen emissaries from Israel who work in the community providing Israel education enrichment programs, and serving as Israeli representatives to our youth across settings and ages. @Akiva administers and coordinates the program for the community.

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2016-17 cleveland.shin.shinim

From left to right: Itamar Meromi, Michal Katzman, Ziv BirenzwigeOrel Regev

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2015-16 cleveland.shin.shinim

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From left to right: Noam Cohen, Itamar Cohen, Lotem Rozner, Yuval Levy

2014-15 cleveland.shin.shinim


From left to right: Stav Shuker, Maayan Cohen, Rotem Levy and Itamar Hadida

2013-14 cleveland.shin.shinim


From left to right: Gal Katz and Eli Shami

2012-13 cleveland.shin.shinim


From left to right: Yuval Mordechai, Ziv Gol and Rotem Kislev

2011-12 cleveland.shin.shinim


From left to right: Noa Rahamim and Yam Frish