College Prep Initiatives

Events during the last few years have produced waves of anti-Semitic/anti-Israel activities on college campuses. 

@akiva is proud to offer Jewish and Israel Advocacy programs specifically geared towards high school Juniors and Seniors. These programs will provide students an opportunity to experience Jewish life on a college campus and also learn how to cope with and respond to anti-Semitic challenges on campus. 

2016-17 Initiatives



1. College Campus Mission (Sunday, November 20 2016)

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Get a taste of Jewish Life on a College Campus!

Join @akiva for a fun-filled day-long trip campus trip!!!

*Juniors and Seniors





2. Junior/Senior Seminars – Learn how to respond to anti-Semitic/anti-Israel activities on college campuses.

@akiva seminars will explore current events and provide the tools you need to be prepared to respond.

Join us for interactive meetings created just for you:

*Juniors and Seniors

 3. AIPAC Mission (Sunday-Tuesday March, 26-28 2017)

06 AIPACAIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, works to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S. – Israel relationship.

Join @akiva at the premier international 2017 AIPAC conference

*Seniors Only

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@Akiva is located at 26500 Shaker Blvd., Beachwood, OH
For more information, contact @Akiva at 216.367.1388 or email Tina Keller at
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