2017 Graduation Speech by Yoni Peleg

Good morning everyone, I am Yoni Peleg. I am a senior in the Akiva class and an icnext cohort 3 finishing student. icnext is a program that stands for Israel Cleveland Next, Amnon I still don’t know what next stands for. It’s an amazing program that everyone who is in here, if you have the ability to go on the program you need to. When I joined icnext I had very closed-minded views on the situation in the Middle East, and they were not necessarily favorable among most people in society. Thanks to Amnon I now have much different views about the conflict in the Middle East, even if his schedule time was not always very decent. If you guys have worked with Amnon you know times can be very fluid, but he makes up for it by being one of the most amazing directors you can get in the Jewish community. Even more amazing than Amnon is Tina. Tina helps Amnon a lot and she also helps us a lot. While Amnon gives us a lot of work, Tina is the person there to make sure the work isn’t killing us. They’ve made an amazing program, and I know that giving up a Sunday once a month for seven hours to sit and listen to people talk is not the most beneficial thing to do in high school but it can really change your mind. For the people going on the icnext trip this year, (find them in the crowd and call them out), please take everything that Amnon and Tina teach you to heart, it will change everything. And please when you guys meet the new Shinshinim, I hope they are as great if not greater than the past 2 groups have been. Thank you.