Daniel Saimon – 2017 @akiva Reflection

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for being here on this special day for all of us. I was told to make this short and sweet so I’ll try my best. My name is Danny Simon and my official title here at Akiva is the Snack Committee. For those of you that don’t know, my job consists of going to Tina’s office during the break and bringing out a snack for everyone. It’s very prestigious but that isn’t where my Akiva experience begins when I’m here!

As I walk in the building at 5:55 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m greeted by the shinshinim, Amnon, or someone they punished, I mean told, to stand there and hold the door for everyone. About 10 minutes later, the classes go to their respective classrooms and begin learning.  Since I went to Gross Schechter through eighth grade and I thought I was pretty decent at the language, I thought Akiva would be a breeze. Easy enough right? Well I was wrong. The teachers here throughout my four years challenged me and pushed me through every reading and writing assignment we had to do. It was challenging but very rewarding. I cannot thank them enough.

I am so fortunate to go to a school where they let me come here to get my foreign language credit. So, without Akiva, I would know how to say days on the week in French, or different vegetables in Spanish, now I can do that in Hebrew!

I would like to thank the following people for getting me to where I am today.

Tina, your love of the Cavs is only superceded by your love of what you do here, and we are all so grateful for that

Amnon, oh boy Amnon, you do more than we think, even if we only see you for a minute during the breaks

The ShinShinim, you are constantly working hard to try to make this year great for us and you don’t get enough credit. Thank you

My parents, I love you guys, not sure how you tolerated me for the past 18 years. Seriously you are both some miracle workers

Finally, the Akiva class of 2017, as in all of us on stage, although we might not hang our diplomas in our offices in 20 or 30 years, we will always know that we will be here for one another, and we will Akiva will always welcome us with open arms.


As of right now I officially turn my duties as snack committee over to rising seniors Sophie Browner and Alexis Gross, good luck.


I think that was about three minutes so I’ll cut it off there. Thank you