Testimony Theater by Noam Paz

Testimony was a way to connect to the people who never had a voice when it meant the most. People that had all the good intentions and were never appreciated. The people that I also call my family. So many innocent Jewish people were taken out of this world because a group of people were ignorant to the fact that we are all humans. Doing Testimony Theater gave me and the other participants a chance to show that something like the holocaust must never happen again. it was very emotional every time we reenacted a loved one’s story. It showed the passion and care we put into the play. The first time I got on the stage I was very scared but always in the back of my head I knew it would teach the person in front of me something we all need to know. Such as teaching young people the adversity our grandparents and great grandparents had to go through. All in all it was a life changing step I took doing testimony theater. It brought me closer with my Jewish heritage and culture. I can’t wait for more people to do this and bring more knowledge to the community.