About - Elinoy is a graffiti artist and  activist, the owner of "grafitiyul", and lives in Tel Aviv. The first time she used graffiti to express a political message was in 2011. Responses to her graffiti were so strong that since then, every time she has something to say, she uses the platform of graffiti. Elinoy claims that “Expressing an anonymous opinion on the street is the best way to spread a strong message. It keeps the focus on the message and not on the person behind it”. Following her passion was not always easy as most of the graffiti pieces she creates have been done undercover and are considered to be illegal. Nevertheless, even when the price is high, Elinoy says that if the message is important it’s worth the risks.In her art, Elinoy focuses on social and political messages as a response to issues in Israeli daily life that many times are forgotten. In her work, she chooses extreme subjects and comments by using play on words, quests, with a technique of free style spraying, painting and stencils. Elinoy has been involved in documentary movies about graffiti and street art in Israel. She gives tours and workshops which teach about the meaning of graffiti as a language, as a way to spread important messages, and to call attention to things people are unaware of.

Graffiti contest with Cleveland Shin Shinim and Elinoy Kisslove (3.8-14.2019)

During the week that Elinoy is in Cleveland many teens from different places will make amazing graffiti art works. At the end of the week, the shinshinim will decide on the best art piece that was made! The person with the best art piece will win a great price, their art piece will be drawn by elinoy on a wall in Tel Aviv! There will be more winners during this week. The shinshinim will decide on around 10 art pieces that they liked the most and the teens who made them will win Mitchell’s coupons! Good luck!

Teens Speak Graffiti with Elinoy Kisslove (3.8-18.19)

...and the WINNERS are...

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