Zeev Ben-Shachar – The Master of Israel Advocacy

Dates: November 13-17, 2019


Zeev Ben-Shachar has been lecturing about Israel for the past decade. He previously served as the Director of Israel Education at Jerusalem U, where he spoke to thousands of students and adults each year. Zeev has brought interactive Israel education to conferences, Jewish communities, churches, and colleges in Israel and around the world. He has developed curricula, led teacher trainings, written online courses, and scripted/starred in short films that connect people around the world to Israeli history, culture, and society. 

Zeev is widely published in Israel and international publications, and is a frequent guest on television and radio networks. He has a BA in Psychology from Harvard, as well as a certificate of distinction for teaching, and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University. He was a soldier and commander in the IDF’s Sayeret Givati Brigade. 
Zeev is also a spinning instructor and personal trainer in Jerusalem. He has combined these passions, creating a unique ‘Spinning Through Israel’ program, in which he takes participants on a virtual cinematic tour of Israel while working up a sweat on spinning bikes. 
In 2017, Zeev founded AWE Consulting. AWE offers workshops and consulting services, aimed at organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement. 

What Can Zeev Ben-Schachar do in Cleveland?


The Arab-Israeli Conflict – This presentation provides the audience with a basic understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It provides a historical and geopolitical context to Israel’s moral dilemmas and integrates current events, media excerpts and short films.

The Palestinian Narrative – In Israel and among most Jewish communities, the 1948 war is best known as the War of Independence – it is a day filled with pride and joy. In the Arab world, particularly among Palestinians, the war of 1948 is known as al-Nakba (the catastrophe) – it is a day filled with sadness and longing. Same war, multiple narratives. Are all narratives equal, or are some narratives “more equal” than others?

Israel Beyond the Conflict: Innovation, Creativity and Improving the world – It’s only been seventy years and the list of accomplishments goes on and on. Per capita, Israel has the most startup companies listed on Nasdaq, patents for medical equipment, scientific journals, musicians, bookstores, museums, Nobel laureates and much much more. Join Israel Educator and Harvard-educated Zeev Ben-Shachar, as he surveys Israel’s success stories and tries to unravel the qualities that helped the people of Israel transform a starting nation into a startup nation.  

More Workshops

The Six Day War – The 1967 Arab-Israeli war dramatically transformed the geopolitical reality in the Middle East. In six days of battle, Israel defeated three Arab armies, captured massive territory and reclaimed control of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. 50 years later, this momentous event is a source of great pride – but also much controversy – in the Jewish world and beyond. A conversation about complexities, possibilities and pride. 

Transformative Israel Experiences – Transformative experiences – experiences that radically change who we are and how we see the world – are rare in our lives. They might be generated by personal tragedy, by intensive romance or by novel and powerful events that deeply move us. Following such experiences, people often report feeling remarkably at ease, thinking clearly and identifying immediate calls to action. Is it possible to generate these transformative experiences while visiting a new place? And if so, what structures, routines and systems of accountability do we need to put in place in order to sustain such positive change over time?

Israel Comic Relief

Discussions about Israel need not always be heavy and somber. A healthy dose of authentic humor can actually make these discussions fun and pretty inspiring. A compilation of comical moments, life stories and powerful insights gathered from audiences around the world.


Spinning through Israel

A fun, 45-minute session combining indoor cycling with Israel learning. Ride your bike while you watch stimulating videos of the land and people of Israel, and get into the groove with fast-beat music from Israel and beyond. Led by Israel expert and personal fitness trainer, Zeev Ben-Shachar. No indoor cycling experience needed.

On creating and sustaining meaning in the workplace workshop

Did you know? 

1. More than half of the employees in the U.S. do not find their work meaningful (Gallup, 2017).

2. 9 out of 10 workers are willing to give up 20% of their salary for meaningful work (Harvard Business R, 2018).

3. Drawing upon the latest research in positive psychology, this dynamic session, featuring powerful videos and interactive exercises, will empower you to identify and create meaningful work habits for you and your organization. Led by Zeev Ben-Shachar, founder of AWE which offers lectures, seminars and products intended to create meaningful work experiences.